If you weren't tuned in last Friday night (03-16-12) for Z94's somewhat annual, semi-ritualistic, Kum-ba-yah, sacred American B-B-Q campfire sing-a-long with Ted Nugent here's your chance to redeem yourself! There's never a dull moment when Uncle Ted's around and this past Friday night was no exception.

It was a glorious hour of madness, music and Motorcity mayhem! We talked about rock, his upcoming "Great White Buffalo" tour, hunting, bows, guns, ammo, politics, all of his current projects and a whole lot more. Agree or disagree, the one thing we can all agree on is you never have to guess what Ted Nugent's thinking or where he stands on issues. He's always been outspoken and on the front lines when it comes to his views and beliefs.

Unlike a lot of people these days who have convictions of convenience. Meaning they kind of believe in something, or support a cause until it becomes unpopular, controversial or uncomfortable then they quickly back down and change their point of view or beliefs to conform to society or others opinions. NOT UNCLE TED! This along with his music, tireless dedication to the outdoor lifestyle and the Second Amendment is why I look up to him and admire his actions and achievements so much. He's never wavered or backed down, no matter the cost to him personally or professionally that defiant middle finger and witty cut through theattitude is always ready and willing.

Here's the interview with Uncle Ted just in case you missed it. WARNING: Prepare for full bluntal Nugity! Some of the views expressed may oppose your own, especially those topics concerning politics, guns, hunting, the current state of our government and it's leaders. Listen at your own risk!








Ted Nugent is coming to Ardmore, Oklahoma the Heritage Hall on (04-19-12) in celebration of the 19th Anniversary of Two Frogs Grill and the spirit of all things wild! It's the official kick off to the 2012 "Great White Buffalo" tour.

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