It must be commercial day, for whatever reason every time I get online I keep finding funny or unusual commercials. If you haven't seen the super sexy Norway Olympic P.S.A. check it out here! Anyway I was watching some videos on YouTube and I stumbled across this one. It's the absolute funniest tattoo commercial you'll ever see!

Having tattoos I can really appreciate it, hell even if you're ink-less you'll get a laugh! Unfortunately we probably all know someone who got a tattoo they shouldn't have. Either the work itself is lacking, or the subject matter is laughable, or the person has out grown their interest in it. That's the thing about tattoos, they're permanent.

No matter how many times this is said people still rush out and get them without thinking first. Even worse they let just about anyone mark them up for life. Some people make no sense. They'll spend hundreds of dollars on all kinds of non-permanent things like clothes, shoes, electronics and entertainment. Then balk at spending money on something that will be with them for the rest of their life. Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good!

Now if you've learned this lesson the hard way and got something you're less than proud of, you're in luck! Nekkid Nate will fix that piece of crap you call a tattoo. This also brings me to the point that real artists care as much about your tattoo as you do!