It came right down to the wire, but we managed to choose our Best Metal Songs of 2018. You can check out our full Top 30 list, but in this Loud List, we count down our Top 10.

Always the heroes are Judas Priest, who put out their best album since Painkiller with 2018’s Firepower. Priest’s 18th studio album came close to being our Metal Album of the Year, but “Lightning Strike” was a shoe-in for Metal Song of the Year. Rob Halford’s flawless voice, plus Glenn Tipton’s playing despite his battle with Parkinson’s, are pure gems that gave 2018 metal an extra shine.

On Halloween, Slipknot returned from hiatus, surprising fans worldwide with their first new track since 2014. “All Out Life” represents everything the Knot stands for, throwing aside mediocrity and the idea that newer means better. Old does not mean dead, and though Slipknot are far from elders, the 20-year vets reaffirmed their hard-earned place as one of metal’s greatest bands.

Let’s stray from the more obvious picks and shine a light on Alien Weaponry — one of metal’s most exciting new prospects. Not since Roots has indigenous music been used so profoundly in metal, and with “Kai Tangata,” Alien Weaponry delivered one of the year’s most addictive tracks. Not to mention the incredible Maori-inspired video, which is clearly one of 2018’s best.

Check out our picks for the 10 Best Metal Songs of 2018 in the Loud List above.

30 Best Metal Albums of 2018

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