Being invited to perform the National Anthem at any event is an absolute honor. Vocally, it's one of the most daunting tasks with its intimidating rises and falls and the nervous anticipation of a stadium full of people awaiting the high notes. Throughout the decades, some artists have gone on to deliver defining performances of the "Star Spangled Banner," while others floundered, either making mistakes or just flatlining completely with an underwhelming rendition.

And that brings us to the purpose of this Loud List. For every incredible, moving performance of the National Anthem, you'll find its ugly counterpart. Let's start off with what's basically unanimously hailed as one of the greatest interpretations of all time: Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. It's one of the most arresting pieces of guitar performance in rock history as he demonstrates authoritative command over his six strings. On the flip side, there was Flea's bass only rendition at a Los Angeles Lakers game that was downright bewildering as fans searched for any trace of a familiar note.

We didn't limit this one just to rock and metal as it'd be hard to compile a list of great National Anthem performances without recognizing the show stopping vocal prowess of Whitney Houston. We even went outside of music altogether as you'll see with cringeworthy footage of comedienne Roseanne Barr who should have walked out with a butcher's apron to alert everyone to what was about to go down.

Watch the video above to see the rest of the 10 Best and Worst Performances of the National Anthem.

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