Having a rough time? If you’re anything like us, you look to music for moments of levity, so we put together these 10 tracks to boost your spirits during a dark time.

A major determining factor for this list is a song’s lyrics. The untrained ear may miss the inspirational messages hidden within guttural vocals, but for Lamb of God fans, “Walk With Me in Hell” is a lifeline offered via stereo. Randy Blythe presents the listener a gift of companionship with lyrics like, “Take hold of my hand / For you are no longer alone / Walk with me in Hell.” These words have given countless fans a glimmer of hope during life’s terrible moments, replayed again and again for sacred comfort.

If there’s one metal band that represents empowerment and destroying the demons of past, it’s Pantera. These factors are demonstrated perfectly throughout “A New Level.” The cut has inspired fans who feel “Shit on, pissed on, spit on, stepped on, fucked with” to leave their old trials behind in favor of a new life. The song’s chorus, “A new level of confidence and power,” is one of metal’s most iconic and its transformative vigor remains unscarred by time.

Iron Maiden cranked out one of metal’s most inspiring tunes on Somewhere in Time, not just in terms of lyrics, but mood. “Wasted Years” is an eloquent reminder to focus on the beauty of today rather than time wasted or unappreciated. With its euphoric chorus, “Wasted Years” often brings grown adults to tears at Iron Maiden shows. Are you one of them?

Check out 10 Inspiration Metal Songs for Your Darkest Days in the Loud List above.

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