There are certain rock and metal artists that possess such an intimidating presence that you’d love to see them live but hate to meet them in a dark alley. Here are our picks for the 10 Most Intimidating Musicians in Rock + Metal.

We’ve narrowed this list down by two types of intimidation, physical and mental, though most of our entrants exude both qualities. A guy like Philip Anselmo, whether bald-headed or rocking a full beard and long hair during his Pantera days, is not a guy to be messed with. His onstage physicality, beat-‘em-up lyrics and cross-armed stare-downs of the crowd made him the template for intimidation in metal. A lifelong boxing fanatic, nobody wanted to spend five minutes alone with Anselmo.

Fear is an integral dynamic of black metal. Though corpse paint itself doesn’t quite carry the mystique it used to, a dude like Gorgoroth vocalist Gaahl proves it can still terrify. Gaahl's dead eyes project his persona like Bruce Dickinson’s voice projects to the back of an arena, and having spent time in prison for a violent altercation, Gaahl has no issues with believability.

Perhaps no musician towers over his bandmates like Misfits guitarist Doyle. Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only aren’t small guys at all, but Doyle makes them look like middle schoolers. If you’ve ever seen the clips of Doyle getting into fights onstage, you’re already certain he’s comfortable with imposing his physicality onto anyone.

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