This Loud List pays tribute to the godfather of death metal, Death’s Chuck Schuldiner. With these unforgettable moments, you’ll see what a unique character Chuck was both on and off the stage.

The personality of Schuldiner can be summarized in the first 30-second clip of this Loud List, where the interviewer describes the musician as “far too nice” for being the death metal guru. Chuck was wearing a shirt with cats all over it while sipping his coffee, assuring that even death metallers can be animal lovers and oppose cruelty to our furry friends.

We’ve integrated performances from Schuldiner’s entire history with Death, going back to 1987 when the extreme pioneers played a dive with a packed crowd. A decade later, Death would record their renowned Live in L.A. (Death & Raw) set, cranking out favorites like “The Philosopher.” We even included one of Chuck’s old Mantas demos from 1984.

Our video compilation finishes up with some of Chuck’s words on Heaven, Hell and the afterlife. “I believe this is Hell,” Schuldiner says. “There aren’t demons flying around with horns, people are demons.” As for existence in general, Chuck stated, “I would like to live forever if it was possible.” Chuck would sadly just get a few more years, but his work has immortalized Schuldiner in audio form.

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Check out these 10 Unforgettable Chuck Schuldiner Moments in the Loud List below.

10 Unforgettable Chuck Schuldiner Moments

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