This past weekend the small town of Mountain View Oklahoma celebrated 100 years of the Mt. View Free Fair. KFOR's Galen Culver did his "Is This a Great State or What" about the fair and the small town of Mountain View.

My husband David and I have been going to the fair since we started dating. I've missed a couple of years, including this year, because of other commitments, but he hasn't. He loves to go on Saturday afternoon to watch the tractor pull and then spends the rest of the day visiting with friends and classmates that have traveled into town especially for the fair.

It is like a family and class reunion rolled into one. The kids run around the park playing the carnival games and riding all the rides over and over again. The parents don't worry about them because it is a safe place for them to be. Everyone is watching out for the children to ensure they have a great time.

I hope this tradition continues on for another 100 years! Not many small towns do this anymore and I think it's important to get together and meet your neighbors. I think life would feel much safer if we got to know our neighbors a little more.

Tractor Pull
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