Yesterday we brought you the news that Adele will be appearing at the 2013 Oscars to perform the Best Original Song nominated "Skyfall." But now there’s even bigger James Bond news to share: it’s looking like every actor who has portrayed the classic character are set to appear on stage together for the first time ever to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of James Bond. This calls for a martini!

Now before we get too excited, we must remember that this is not confirmed as of yet, but it’s a rumor that has been floating and the Adele news supports it. Can’t you just picture the singer’s luscious voice ushering the Bonds on stage as the crowd loses its collective mind?

Bond has been played by six actors in his 50 year history: Sean Connery, George Lazenby (for one installment only), Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, who owns the role now. Connery is the real wild card here; at 82-years-old, the actor has retired and is rarely in the public eye. But the sight of him and Craig - roundly considered the best 007 since Connery hung up his tux - together would be worth the price of admission alone, and it seems hard to imagine the producers of the Oscars would bother with a Bond celebration if the original wasn’t involved.

It’s quite likely that we’ll hear more on this in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. The 2013 Oscars will be broadcast live on February 24th; will you be watching?

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