Actors, pop stars, athletes, royalty... heavy metal touches everyone. In this list, you'll see celebrities you know are metalheads, and others you never could have imagined get down to the Devil's music.

Pretty much every metal fan on earth celebrates Jim Carrey inviting Cannibal Corpse to perform in Ace Ventura, but did you know Cameron Diaz would only date metalheads growing up? Lady Gaga wears her metal fandom proudly all the time, but fellow pop superstar Demi Lovato moshed at deathcore and metalcore shows during her formative years.

Can you name a country with a metalhead president? We can, and he's not just a casual listener -- one of the man's favorite acts is Napalm Death. A member of England's royal family has also been touched by underground music's left hand, sporting an iPod filled with thrash titans and new school heroes.

Check out these 25 Awesome Celebrity Metalheads in the gallery below.

25 Awesome Celebrity Metalheads

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