Kids lazing around the house doing all summer long? Not this year. There's a whole world of activities out there. Sure, some of it might not be air conditioned but that's a small risk to take for summer fun.

Organize a Party

The summer can be a great time to bring out your child's inner party planner or inner chef. From the food to the decorations, work with your youngster to execute his or her vision for a successful summer smash. Get it right and it's only a matter of time before your child is cooking dinner for you every night!

child grilling

Start a Family Book Club

You'll be amazed by the conversations you and your family can have with this bit of common ground. Plus, choosing books off your kid's summer reading list is great way to make sure that the reading actually gets done.

child reading

Plant a Garden

In this fast-paced world, planting and tending a garden is a great way to instill the virtues of patience and persistence. For fun, you can take a picture of the plant every day to see how much it grows by summer's end.

child gardening

Go to a Museum

Musuems can be a tough sell for some kids, but on a piping hot summer day, most will take a little air conditioning where they can get it. Many museums offer summer discounts and special summer programs just for kids.

children at museum

Go to the Pool

As if we needed to tell you, right? There's nothing most kids love to do more in the summer than go for a dip. Well, maybe the ice cream cone afterwards but that goes without saying. Plus you get to lounge poolside, which at least sounds nice in theory.

child swimming

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