Slipknot sampler, programmer and keyboardist Craig Jones almost never speaks, but he’s still got some unforgettable moments impaled between his spikes.

“Look at him, do you wanna talk to him?” Corey Taylor once asked a journalist about Craig Jones. “I don’t wanna talk to him and I’m in a band with him.” Jones has actually been in Slipknot longer than almost every classic member. Joining up in 1996, Jones actually contributed liner art and drawings for Slipknot’s 1996 release, Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.

Jones keeps people at a distance, perhaps signified through the gigantic spikes poking out of his mask. He used to have actual rusty nails poking through leather, placing them by hand and moving the tetanus magnets around to his liking. His mask only has tiny slits for eye holes and a thin opening for rare moments of speech.

In this video, you’ll see Jones’ first unmasked public appearance as a member of Slipknot. This occurred in 2010 after the death of bassist Paul Gray. Jones didn’t speak at the press conference, but the sadness in his eyes painted a infinitely detailed portrait. You’ll also see Jones (with his face blurred out) working on All Hope is Gone material with Gray as he shared a drink with the late Slipknot founder.

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