Hard work and persistence are two of the many ingredients for success, which is something a young band named Silly Goose learned last weekend at Inkcarceration in Ohio. The group raided the festival's parking lot, and ended up being added to the bill as a result of their determination.

Silly Goose are from Atlanta, and according to their Instagram bio, they play "rap rock." On Saturday, July 16, they trekked all the way up to Mansfield, Ohio, to stir some commotion at Inkcarceration by performing from their flatbed truck in the parking lot.

Festival Promoter Danny Wimmer himself made his way out to the parking lot upon hearing of the situation. As noted in a press release, he was aggravated at first, but then had a change of heart as he was so impressed by the band. He ended up offering them a slot to open one of the stages the next day. Their slated performance was canceled as a result of inclement weather, but they were fortunately able to reschedule their set and play later in the day.

Silly Goose's luck didn't stop there. Renowned radio hosts Matt Pinfield and Jose Mangin interviewed the band for Danny Wimmer Presents' Twitch channel,  and Wimmer gave them two more golden opportunities — a demo deal with his own label Alchemy Recordings, and a performance slot at the Louder Than Live festival later this year.

"I went from being like, 'Holy shit I want to kick these guys out,' to, 'I want to sign these guys!'" Wimmer said during the interview introduction. "This is stuff that bands used to do. Now bands whine why it's not happening to them. You said, 'Screw that, we're gonna break in...' Now, I am not encouraging people to break in, but you find your own way."

"We actually drove like 30 minutes away to this field in the middle of nowhere, we were trying to find no houses," Silly Goose's frontman said. "So we played in this field at like 3 in the morning, just really loud metal music, and then we stopped around 5. We got two hours of sleep."

Festivals aren't the only places Silly Goose have raided. They've been escorted out of several establishments, sometimes by the police, such as McDonald's. Check out their interview with the Danny Wimmer Presents team below to learn more about the band, and see a video of their parking lot performance underneath.

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