Cheers, Oklahoma!

A lot of our neighbors to the north of the Red River have been imbibing during work hours here lately, according to a study by Zippia.

With more people working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, therefore being a little closer to the fridge, the website set out to determine which states were home to the most people who cracked a cold one during working hours.

After surveying 2,000 workers, the site determined that Oklahomans were the fourth most likely to drink on the job in the United States. 51% of those surveyed said they liked to crack one during work hours.

Of course, you’re wondering which state had the most on-the-clock drinkers and that distinction would go to Alaska. Give ‘em a break, though. They live in a state that goes from perpetual daylight to perpetual darkness over the course of a year. I’m pretty sure I would drink a lot more in that environment as well.

Rounding out the Top Five states with folks who drink on the job are Maine at Number Two, New Mexico at Number Three and Mississippi at Number Five.

Texas was pretty average when it comes to drinking during work hours. The study found that 36% of workers drank on the job in the Lone Star State, placing us at 18th on the list.

Nebraskans are the least inclined to drink during working hours, with 13% of those surveyed admitting to drinking while on the clock.

Check out the full results of the survey at this location.

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