When it comes to crazy stories, Florida does not disappoint. 

According to The Smoking Gun, police in Largo, Florida arrested a woman yesterday (August 24) after she attacked her father for farting too much. 

40-year-old Nicole Dozois shares a bedroom with her 59-year-old father at their home in the Tampa Bay area. 

Apparently, her dad was gassy as hell and she finally had enough. Around 2:00 am, she got pissed off at him and an argument ensued. She then allegedly attacked him and punched him in the face several times and scratched his neck. 

When the police arrived, they found the father with a bloody left eye and scratches all over his neck. 

Dozois was arrested and charged with domestic battery. She has since pleaded not guilty and was released from the county jail on her own recognizance. 

However, the judge ordered Dozois to have no contact with her father. 

This isn’t her first rodeo, either. Her rap sheet shows that she was arrested back in 2018 for punching her sister in the head (I’m starting to see a pattern here). Prosecutors, however, opted to not pursue domestic battery changes in the incident.  

She has also been convicted of theft and violation of probation in the past. 

Check out Dozois’ mug shot here.

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