Staind frontman Aaron Lewis accused the United States Democratic Party of being responsible for "every fucking scar that exists on this fucking country" onstage during a recent concert.

The rocker-turned-country artist made the accusation while performing his new single, "Am I The Only One" at his Oct. 7 concert in Grand Prairie, Texas. "Am I The Only One," a song that rallies against liberals, was written by Lewis, Ira Dean and Jeffrey Steele.

He started by recalling how he created the song with a couple of friends during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"We will look back on this time frame in history and wonder how we were allowed — how we allowed — such ridiculousness to happen in this country, in this world. We allowed a virus that was created by man to destroy the entire fabric of mankind," he said, referring to the scientifically unvalidated theory that the virus escaped from a Chinese lab [via Blabbermouth].

Lewis then blamed the Democratic Party for a slew of injustices, saying that only Democrats owned slaves, created Jim Crow laws and attended KKK meetings.

"See, I liked American history in school. I paid close attention in that class. Yeah, but did we all pay attention? Because if we all paid attention in our fucking history classes, we would know that the Democrats are responsible for every fucking scar that exists on this country," he said.

He ended with a plea to the crowd.

"Can we please embrace history so we don't fucking repeat it? Please!

"I implore all of you. Please, go look it up yourself. I don't want you to believe me. I don't want you to think that just because I have this microphone what I'm saying is true. I want you to go and look it the fuck up yourself. Find out for yourself. Wake up."

"That might have been a little much," he added. "But I never said a word on the entire Staind tour; I just wore awesome t-shirts. And I felt like I was being silenced."

Watch the footage below.

Lewis also recently made headlines for leading the crowd of a Staind reunion concert in Scranton, Pa. in a "Fuck Joe BIden" chant.

Aaron Lewis Blames Democrats for Every F--cking Scar' on the Country

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