Last time Aaron Lewis was in Oklahoma, he shared a story on stage about the song that lifted Staind onto the national stage, 'Outside.' Standing on the Riverwind Casino stage, getting a little chatty with the crowd, he shares the almost-unbelievable story of how that song came to be.

Apparently, he had been toying around with the chorus of the song. He had the "I'm on the outside" part and melody in his head, but he didn't have anything else to go along with it. When he was put on the spot, he walked out on stage, sat down, and wrote the song in the next few minutes as he performed it. You know the video I'm talking about. You've seen it a million times. It was a part of the original music video.

It's moments like that you remember about a performer. While Staind is on hiatus, and most likely won't ever take on another large nationwide tour, Aaron still travels for his solo stuff. Yes, it's country... but it's actual country. It borders on outlaw variety that every metal head can love. Songs about drinking, fighting, heartache, etc. He'll be through the Sooner State again in October, if you want to catch the Tulsa show, here are the details.

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