He was one of the more entertaining characters in rock music and now the short life and times of late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott will be featured on the big screen. After spending the last year getting the cast and crew lined up, pre-production has begun on a new biopic titled 'Bon Scott -- The Legend of AC/DC.'

According to Bravewords.com, filmmaker J.R. Getches shot the first-ever dramatic portrayal of the musician on Jan. 14, with actor-singer Rob Liotti handling the role of Scott. The director says, “The story of Bon Scott is a classical tragedy. He travelled across the world, made his mark and then died too young. He was a misfit who found his place in rock music and became immortal pursuing his dream. This is a story worth telling."

While Liotti has been cast in the lead role, the remaining actors for the film have not been revealed. However, it is known that Malcolm and Angus Young, Mark Evans, Phil Rudd and Margaret "Silver" Smith are among the roles that have been cast. Liotti reportedly shed 40 pounds in order to prepare to play Scott.

At present, High Voltage Productions Pty. are currently seeking an independent production house to help them complete their vision, but they have stated that the film's trailer will help serve in fundraising and give a visual perpetuity to investors and the public. For more about the film, click here.

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