Update: Joe Walsh set the record straight on his recent musical pairing with Brian Johnson, tweeting out to fans: "To set the record straight - 'THERE IS NO RECORD IN THE WORKS BETWEEN BRIAN AND I.' We were simply having a bit of fun together, we are musicians after all!"

AC/DC legend Brian Johnson is making music with a fellow rock icon. In a new Instagram post, The EaglesJoe Walsh revealed he was doing something creative with Johnson while the two were in London.

Rumors have already been swirling that Brian Johnson is back with AC/DC. In August 2018, photos were published that allegedly showed Johnson at a Vancouver recording studio with the Australian band — the same spot AC/DC recorded 2014’s Rock or Bust. Estranged drummer Phil Rudd was also photographed at the location.

Most recently, radio host Eddie Trunk relayed that Brian Johnson’s return to AC/DC is a “done deal.”

As for Joe Walsh, he hung out with Brian Johnson yesterday (June 24) to jam some tunes:

Fans have speculated Walsh could be appearing in an upcoming episode of Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road TV show. Walsh already guested in the show’s second season, hastily putting together a song with Johnson about life on the road while sitting in the back of a limo. Some believe Johnson and Walsh may have gotten together to flesh out the impromptu song into a real banger.

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