Though Alexisonfire have been issuing new music since 2019, the reunited band is now revealing plans for their first album in 13 years. And to accompany that announcement, they've dropped a hard-hitting new single titled "Sweet Dreams of Otherness" as well.

Though heavy, the song rolls out at a slow-burning, head nod-inducing pace, powered by sharp percussion and churning guitars reverberating though the track. Co-vocalist George Pettit shares, "This song was largely Dallas [Green's] brainchild, but over the course of writing this record, it became more of a mission statement for the band. It's kind of about performance and embracing a new found confidence in a state of peculiarity."

Take a listen to the track below (a Jay Baruchel-directed video for the song will go live in the YouTube player provided at 6PM ET today).

Alexisonfire, "Sweet Dreams of Otherness"

As for the new album, the band self-produced the 10-song set that carries the title Otherness. It's set to arrive on June 24 via Dine Alone Records and pre-orders are available in digital and physical formats. Pre-orders for the physical variants will start this Friday (March 11) at 11AM ET. The full artwork and track listing can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Speaking about the new album, the band dropped their Otherness mission statement that reads, "A continuous thread through the fabric of Alexisonfire is the state of otherness. Otherness drew us all to spaces where a band like this could be formed. We attract the type of individuals that have all felt the sensation of being strange or unique. Perceived or otherwise, otherness has followed us through childhood, adolescence, and into our adult lives. It drives our tastes and proclivities. It bonds us with ourselves and others. And make no mistake, even at our most domestic and mundane moments, we are true outliers."

The album also includes organ, keys and pedal steel from Dallas Green's longtime collaborator Matt Kelly. Jill Zimmerman and Darren "Jeter" Magierowski (who is also Chris Steele's cousin) engineered, at Jukasa Recording Studios.

"The biggest difference is the space we are all in. We were all really thrilled to make a record, and it was such a respite from what was going on in the world. It felt like life could be beautiful," Wade MacNeil says. "We were supportive of one another. Everyone was in such a good mood. It was such a treat to be able to do it again."

“As much as we love playing the old songs, we don't want to be a nostalgia act. The only reason to come back is if we feel we still have something to say," Pettit insists. "We spent so much time on the road thinking that if we stopped, people would lose interest. But when we went away, it only got bigger. We all carved new paths for ourselves, so coming back to Alexisonfire is a purely enjoyable creative venture. Something special happens when we get in a room together."

Alexisonfire will also tour in support of the upcoming album. Dates in South America, the U.K. and North America can be seen below.

Alexisonfire, Otherness Artwork + Track Listing

Dine Alone Records
Dine Alone Records

"Committed to the Con"
"Sweet Dreams of Otherness"
"Sans Soleil"
"Conditional Love"
"Blue Spade"
"Dark Night of the Soul"
"Mistaken Information"
"Survivor's Guilt"
"Reverse the Curse"
"World Stops Turning"

Alexisonfire 2022 Tour Dates

March 18 - Santiago, Chile @ Lollapalooza Chile
March 20 - Curitiba, Brazil @ CWB Hall
March 21 - Curitiba, Brazil @ CWB Hall
March 23 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ Vivo Rio*
March 24 - São Paulo, Brazil @ Audio*
March 26 - São Paulo, Brazil @ Lollapalooza Brasil
March 27 - Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Teatro Flores
May 21 - Daytona Beach, Fla. @ Welcome to Rockville
May 29 - Dallas, Texas @ So What Music Festival
June 3 - Leeds, U.K. @ Slam Dunk Festival—Leeds Temple Newsam
June 4 - Hatfield Park, U.K. @ Slam Dunk Festival
July 13 - Ottawa, Ontario @ RBC Bluesfest
Sept. 23-25 - Birmingham, Ala. @Furnace Fest
Oct. 6 -Sacramento, Calif. @ Aftershock Festival
*Co-headline With A Day To Remember

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