If there were one squeezable, rubbery, gummy toy that could completely redefine a band, it would be SOAD Chicken!

For years we've seen goat/dog/animal editions of songs, but nothing quite this epic.

If only there were a way to get the webs wild pack of screaming chickens on the same page, then that puppet-master could rule the galaxy. But as freedom is a big deal, we'd just rise up against said puppet-master. We'd collectively teach he/she a lesson in universal realm-ruling.

The only real question is how would it all go down? Surely an epic battle wouldn't take place in the air. Guardians of the Galaxy and Independence Day (1&2) did that already, and so help me, if there's a fourth death-star to destroy, I'm just giving up on original ideas... Regardless, with this great power will come great responsibility. Let's hope the screaming-chicken army corp of leadership can handle the task at hand.


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