All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte has slammed Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello over his Jim Dunlop wah pedal, which features a quote on the side that was coined by Russia's first communist leader, Vladimir Lenin.

Earlier this week marked the 104th anniversary of the execution of the Romanov family, which had ruled Russia for three centuries. They were murdered by the Bolsheviks, who were lead by Lenin and his communist regime. Labonte quoted a post on Twitter regarding the historical event, and wrote, "Communists are ontologically evil."

In his follow-up tweet, the All That Remains vocalist called Morello out for his signature Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah pedal, which features the quote, "Sometimes history needs a push" on it.

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The description of the pedal on the Dunlop website reads, "It features the aggressive, modern sound of the GCB95 — the exact pedal Tom has used on every album and every tour throughout his career — with a custom finish bearing quotations chosen by Tom himself to highlight the battle for justice that he's dedicated his craft and career to."

"The murder of this [Romanov] family was one of those pushes," Labonte wrote with a photo of Morello's Dunlop pedal.

"Wonder how much money Morello makes off of capitalist expropriation of workers in 3rd world countries that manufacture this pedal," he continued.

See the series of tweets below.

Morello and the rest of Rage Against the Machine have never been shy about their views on social injustices — hence their band name. The guitarist has spoken out several times against the band's listeners who are taken aback by his political expression, and most recently declared, "people who are offended by my politics on Twitter or Instagram, please know it's because you weren't intelligent enough to know what the music that you were listening to all these years was about."

Rage Against the Machine just recently kicked off their long-awaited reunion tour. Get tickets to see them play here.

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