Somehow, someway, Oklahoma City scored an expansion with the largest retailer in the world. Amazon is building an Amazon 4-Star brick and mortar physical shopping location up in OKC... which goes against the belief that the world has already transferred to a digital shopping world, but then again, anything trendy will succeed, and you can't tell me a bunch of TikToking hipsters won't be lining up to be the first to share their experience with all the people that didn't ask.

If you didn't know, Amazon actually has a bunch of physical locations in the larger cities across the country. Most notably, the AmazonGO stores... where you walk in, grab what you need, and walk out. Checking out and paying for an order is automated through your app so there's no real interactions to have with the rumored people that work in these locations. Amazon 4-Star is a bit different. The items selected for sale on the floor are commonly purchased items in that area, and only items rated 4 star reviews or higher.

This might be a good time for your city council and the mayors office to approach Amazon about a location here in Lawton. If you remember, they recently purchased $14.6million of mostly available space behind closed doors in secret, and if the JCPenney rumor ends up to be true, they'll have more space available sooner than anyone thought. Maybe we could just convince Amazon to take over the Central Mall, all outlets operated by Amazon. It would be pretty neat, but since Amazon likes to own their assets, they'd probably be more interested in tearing that building down, fixing the flood-prone parking lot, and make it a retail outlet people would love to lay eyes on. Come to think of it, the only thing preventing all of that from happening now are the elected minds that seem to always have smaller ideas for the future.

The new Amazon 4-Star location will be on the Classen Curve... Wherever that is in OKC.

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