Here's your chance to become the superstar you've always dreamed of being. American Idol is holding virtual open auditions in all 50 states using custom-built Zoom technology to host “Idol Across America,” its first-ever live virtual nationwide search for the next superstar. Oklahoma will have it's time to shine on Wednesday, August 26th 2020 (08-26-20). Who knows, you could be the next American Idol!

This will be the first time that American Idol will be using remote auditions in all 50 states making auditions easier than ever before. You get to audition face-to-face in front of “American Idol” producers to see if you've got what it takes to compete. All you have to do is get signed up, it's that easy. It's open to persons 15 and older. Just click the graphic below for all the details and to  fill out your official audition registration. 

Gigi Stevens
ABC American Idol-Gigi Stevens

You could be on your way to representing Oklahoma in the next season of American Idol. If for some reason you can't make the live Oklahoma virtual audition on (08-26-20) you can submit your audition here.

We need someone from Lawton, Fort Sill, that means you, to audition. How cool would it be to see a fellow Shady 580 Lawtonian on the big stage competing for the title? We certainly have the talent, there's some incredible musicians, singers and karaoke pros here in Lawton that should definitely get signed up. If you know someone who'd be interested or has the talent pass it along. We have an American Idol in Oklahoma!

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