Amon Amarth continue to promote last year's Berserker album, but their latest promotion for the set finds them dipping into the mobile gaming world.

The band is set to unleash their "Berserker" mobile game this Friday (Feb. 21) for iOs and GooglePlay. According to a statement on the game, players are instructed to "grab your hammer and historically inaccurate horned helmet, it's time to crush your enemies."

In the game, you exist as Thor, the God of Thunder, attempting to conquer all foes in the Amon Amarth gaming universe, including the King of England. But before you get to your final match, there are assorted knights, archers, cavalries and even some "crucifix-wielding monks" that stand in your way.

The band urges fans to pick up the game and "compete for awesome prizes." From the games launch through April 30, players will be judged on their skills and the Top 100 players will receive something special from the band. The Berserker game also includes a soundtrack featuring three songs from the album.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to head to the iOS App Store and GooglePlay to start your adventure this Friday (Feb. 21)

Amon Amarth "Berserker" Mobile Game Trailer

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