This is not a drill, people! America's Dad, AKA Tom Hanks, will make a stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to talk about his debut novel "The Making Of Another Motion Picture Masterpiece."

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Magic City Books in Tulsa announced on Wednesday, March 8, that Tom Hanks himself would be visiting the Tulsa Performing Arts Center in downtown Tulsa on May 13 for a reading and discussion of his debut novel.

Tickets to see Tom Hanks will go on sale Wednesday, March 15!

According to Magic City Books, tickets are scheduled to go on sale at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 15 on the Tulsa Performing Arts Center website. As of Wednesday, March 8, there is no ticket information, such as costs, on the Tulsa Performing Arts Center website, but according to the Instagram post above from Magic City Books, all tickets will include one hardcover copy of Tom Hanks' book.

About Tom Hanks' Book 'The Making Of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece'

Here is the description from the website of the book's publisher, Penguin Random House:

From the legendary actor and best-selling author: a novel about the making of a star-studded, multimillion-dollar superhero action film…and the humble comic books that inspired it. Funny, touching, and wonderfully thought-provoking, while also capturing the changes in America and American culture since World War II.

The story starts out with a troubled soldier returning from World War II and meets his talented nephew and then the uncle disappears for 23 years. The story then jumps to 1970 and the nephew is drawing underground comic books and reconnects with his uncle in Oakland, California. The nephew then creates a comic book depicting his uncle as a World War II fighting hero.

The story then jumps to present day where the comic book is discovered by a commercially successful director that decides to make it into a superhero movie, and the story continues with the movie production. The book also includes three comics, which were all created by Tom Hanks, including the comic that's made into a movie in the book.

See Tom Hanks "somewhere in the middle" on May 13.

Tom Hanks' debut novel "The Making Of Another Motion Picture Masterpiece" is set to release on May 9. So you could see Tom Hanks and hear him talk about his book as soon as it's hot off the press on May 13 in Tulsa! Magic City Books also shared this great clip of Tom Hanks in "Sleeping In Seattle" where his character briefly mentions Oklahoma.

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