There's nothing worse than walking out of the theater after a movie people raved about thinking "Meh." Like when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was supposed to be this amazing movie, but turned out to be a rehash of every Star Wars movie you'd seen before. It was a huge letdown, and a lot of that feeling is probably because people built it up so much. It happens, and that feeling sucks.

That being said... Avengers: Endgame was pretty amazing. It held up to the rave reviews. The surprises, action, and satisfying story all felt like legit closure on the previous twenty-one movies in this epic saga.

The fact it's amazing doesn't mean it's perfect though... In my humble non-fanboy opinion, it could have been a shorter flick. They could have cut a ton of the movie out and been just fine... but it didn't linger either. Just about the time it starts to feel long, all hell breaks loose in the best kind of way.

Go see it. The statute of limitations on spoilers is about three weeks... After that, it's your own fault.

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