Where would you like your next ink? Shoulder Blade? Back? Leg? Anus? Yes, the next big craze for drunken youngsters is anal tattoos! Check the video below! Okay, I have tattoos myself but there are a few sacred places I am not letting any artist get a vibrating needle next to 1) Mr. Winky 2) My Anus! Seriously??? I know porn stars bleach their anus and I guess I can kind of see that? I mean you have an entire set of people looking at your chocolate starfish all day not to mention the viewers of the DVD and internet videos. And we all know people make awesome choices when it comes to tattoos especially when they are completely hammered.

Now, you are going to have soon-to-be single moms dropping trou to get their baby daddy names tattooed around God's built-in sewer. Let's not forget what happens if the artist giving said tattoo has a sudden allergy attack and sneezes and his normally guided hand goes streaking across your onion! Welp, instant case of hemorrhoids with a possible side of Hep C! Or let's look at the flip side and think about the poor artists who are going to have to deal with the types of people who would want such tattoos. While in our mind we might thinking that a bunch of hot chicks that look like Jenna Jameson are going to be wondering into tattoo parlors all over America looking to satisfy this new craze. Sadly, that will be far from the truth. You would probably find some chick who weighs a decent 2-bills who looks like she got rear-end by a dump truck. Well I think we can safely assume that anal tattoos are the new tramps of....whatever the newer generations are being called...Get Ready To Pucker Up and Watch The Video!