Animals as Leaders have returned with a fresh single, “The Problem of Other Minds,” from their upcoming fifth studio album, Parrhesia.

The band’s first album in six years will drop March 25, 2022 via Sumerian Records. “It’s been a while since we’ve released a body of work,” says guitarist Tosin Abasi. “We’re really proud of this collection of songs as well as the visual components, and are excited to share it with all of you.”

The beautiful looping track goes through constant time signature changes as drummer Matt Garstka keeps “The Problem of Other Minds” locked down with innovative drumming. The djenty track is accompanied by an intriguing video where a group of women from the NOHBORDS art collective perform a visually stunning dance on a foggy lake. Animals as Leaders also collaborated with NOHBORDS on their recent video for "Monomyth."

Check out the video for “The Problem of Other Minds” below.

Animals as Leaders, "The Problem of Other Minds"

Pre-order bundles for Animals as Leaders’ Parrhesia are now available here. Check out the album art and track listing for the new work below.

Animals as Leaders, Parrhesia Artwork + Track Listing:


1. Conflict Cartography
2. Monomyth
3. Red Miso
4. Gestaltzerfall
5. Asahi
6. The Problem of Other Minds
7. Thoughts and Prayers
8. Micro-Aggressions
9. Gordian Naught

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