Emergency workers were all over the Brooklyn Bridge the other day, trying to talk down a suicidal man poised to jump. Media people were everywhere, doing their usual sensitive storytelling. A big chunk of the city was holding its breath, waiting to see how the life-and-death drama plays out. Perfect time for a selfie, right?

At least that’s what it looked like an anonymous woman was doing the other day when a New York Post reporter witnessed her lining up a selfie just right to get the potential jumper in the background. The reporter quickly snapped a photo of her snapping the photo, and the image was on the New York Post front page Wednesday alongside the headline: "SELFIE-ISH: My Photo With Brooklyn Bridge Suicide Dude." The woman declined to identify herself and quickly left the scene. The man on the bridge, by the way, was talked down safely.

I think she probably now has a different hair color and style. Have we really become that callus to the feelings of other. How sad if we have turned in to that type of society.

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