Apocalyptica took to the main stage Friday night (05-22-15) here at Rocklahoma 2015 for an unforgettable set that left the crowd in a daze and thoroughly rocked!

They made the trip all the way from Finland to be here with us this year. A long way from home and the weather was less than perfect, but that didn't stop them. These guys bring a whole different sound and genre of music, what started off as a Metallica tribute band has turned into one of the most unique and powerful forms of music in the rock, metal scene.

While predominately known in rock and metal circles the band has a wide influence and have successfully bridged the gap into all kinds of different music styles. As good as they sound recorded they're even better live! It was amazing to see them play and see the crowds reaction. The band has three classically trained cellists. Now you wouldn't think a cello would have a place in modern heavy music, that is until you hear Apocalyptica!