Architects fans have been up in arms after it was recently revealed that a German-singing duo recently released a video that bares a very striking resemblance to the group's For Those That Wish to Exist album cover.

The band is named OS, with their sound described as "between hip-hop and pop." The duo just released their video for "Er Lebt," that featured on a central astronaut figure inside a church. The clip can be seen toward the bottom of this post.

It didn't take long to spot the similarities for those who've picked up The Architects' buzzy album, which features an astronaut standing amidst the pews in a church with natural light shining in.

Once the similarities started making the rounds, fans started calling out OS enough so that the band members eventually turned off their comments function while feeling attacked. The group eventually released a statement via their Instagram Stories about the similarities, which can be viewed via the screenshots below:

Instagram: Os Band Official
Instagram: Os Band Official
Instagram: Os Band Official
Instagram: Os Band Official

Architects drummer Dan Searle eventually hopped online and defended Os against attack from his band's fans through his own Instagram story. "Yes the artwork is similar but .... who cares? Life is too short to care about things like this. They're not getting rich from our concept. They're not hurting anyone," stated the drummer, as seen below.

Instagram: Dan Architects

Even with the explanation, not all Architects fans were on board with the apology and the reasons the band gave. A sampling of comments can be viewed below.

Architects' ninth studio album, For Those Who Wish To Exist, was released in February, peaking at No. 80 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. Support for the album started last fall with the song "Animals," followed by "Black Lungs," "Dead Butterflies" and "Meteor."

OS, "Er Lebt"

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