A new study recently analyzed a collection of tweets about tourists to figure out how people around the country feel about visitors in the city they call home.

It turns out the South and the East Coast have the most negative feelings about tourists, with the fine North Texas city of Arlington topping the list of cities where the locals hate tourists the most.

If you're not familiar with the area, Arlington, Texas might sound like kind of an obscure place for tourists to flock to; however, a closer look will show you that Arlington is home to the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, and more. While Arlington may not have the amount of tourists per capita as somewhere like New York or Las Vegas, it's still a rather popular travel destination.

But as far as the people of Arlington are concerned, even one tourist is too many.

According to the study, which analyzed tweets from across the U.S. from June 1, 2014 to July 20, 2015 containing #tourist, #tourists, tourist, or tourists, Arlington has the most negative posts about tourists by a pretty big margin.

The rest of the top 10 cities that don't like tourists are:

  2.   New York, New York
  3.   Las Vegas, Nevada
  4.   Boston, Massachusetts
  5.   New Orleans, Louisiana
  6.   Orlando, Florida
  7.   Greensboro, North Carolina
  8.   Phoenix, Arizona
  9.   Los Angeles, California
10.   San Francisco, California

And yes, there are a few cities on that list that you'd think would want to be a little more accepting of tourists seeing as how their city might actually crumble and die without them - we're looking at you, Las Vegas and Orlando.

On the other end of things, people in Chicago, Illinois like tourists the most. Followed by Atlanta, Gerogia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Miami, Florida; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Washington D.C.; Houston, Texas; Paradise, Nevada and Nashville, Tennessee.

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