I can't explain why, but one-man-bands are magnetic to me. We can talk forever about musicianship, talent, and the artistry of these few individuals, but it all comes down to the awesome factor. Knowing that you can just set up some instruments and just go at it like a full ensemble. It's mesmerizing like those track-looping beat box guys that create groovable jams on the spot.

YouTube is full of them, but they're not very well categorized. People always put in those click-baity titles like "You have to see this!" and "You won't believe how this sounds"... It's stupid. Why not just simply put "One-Man-Band slays at a wedding" or something literal? The worse part is, I don't think finding these guys is going to get any easier. The largest demo on the web are millennials, and they can't even write in cursive. What makes you think they'll strike a legit title? So if you happen to come across one, and it rules, share it. Or do like millennials do... Steal it, reupload it, but give it a straight forward title for the rest of us.

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