Attack Attack! are back with "Brachyura Bombshell," the crabcore originators' first single since stunning listeners last week with a country-meets-J-pop-meets-metalcore number called "Kawaii Cowboys," released to commemorate the stoner holiday 420 on April 20.

The new tune, issued Friday (April 30), finds Attack Attack! returning to refining their core sound, unlike last week's left turn, and now a decade removed from their early electronic-core days. Yet the title, "Brachyura Bombshell," is a wink at their past — the word Brachyura is a scientific term for the order of crustaceans to which crabs belong, as MetalSucks pointed out.

Listen to "Brachyura Bombshell" and see the song's lyrics down toward the bottom of this post.

Indeed, according to ScienceDirect, "Brachyurins encompass a distinctive subset of serine endopeptidases with collagenolytic activity found in crabs and other crustaceans. The name stems from the infraorder brachyuran or 'true crabs.'"

Of course, nostalgic scenesters might argue that Attack Attack! are the true crabs.

Before "Kawaii Cowboys," the band dropped a bonafide comeback track, "All My Life," in 2020. Until then, Attack Attack! hadn't released new material in eight years. "All My Life" also introduced the act's current lineup that features original members Andrew Wetzel and Andrew Whiting, and includes vocalist Chris Parketny. Attack Attack's first two albums, 2008's Someday Come Suddenly and a 2010 self-titled LP, have been noted for their contributions to the metalcore scene.

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Attack Attack, "Brachyura Bombshell" Lyrics

(I just wanna feel alive)

Save me the trouble and forget my name
You claim to be authentic, but you’re all the same to me
Time will simply dispose of you
And seed my immortality

I’m out of time
Was I born to die?

I just wanna feel alive
Not for the world to see
Nobody else but me
Cause I wanna feel it all
The calm before the fall
Is taking over me

I just wanna feel alive
No matter what you say
You’ll never take that from me

I know you got a problem staying in line
I’m doing me, doing me for the first time
I’ve never felt so alive
While I’m watching you rot from the inside

If there was ever a time your word meant more than mine
I’ll show you the light
There is no end in sight

I’ve never felt so alive

Attack Attack, "Brachyura Bombshell" Video

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