Attila are a wild band that doesn't hold back from going over the top, cranking out maximalist chug riffs slapped with lead vocalist Chris "Fronzilla" Fronzak belting out super explicit rhymes and lyrics. The group is back with a new surprise gift for fans in the form of the song "Three 6."

"If you're down with the devil say hell yeah!" opens the song's main section, setting the tone for the fast riffs and groovy structures to follow. The bounce of the song's main section gives way to grindy rhythms and guitar work, feeling like being thrown into a weird drugged out metal trick that brings together some unexpected influence from all of metal as a whole.

"Three 6" marks the first new music from the band since their 2016 album Chaos. Though no album has been announced as of yet, we can probably expect the boys to be cooking up something very soon.

Earlier in the year, the group enjoyed a headlining slot on the Vans Warped Tour, playing to all sorts of crowds across the summer. We also caught a headliner set in New York City back in February where the group brought all sorts of chaos to the forefront.

Listen to Attila's "Three 6" above, and look out for the song being available for purchase on Nov. 10.

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