The band name August Burns Red evokes a pretty specific image: a huge fire, the month of August smoldering from heat. Clearly you'd associate the band with flames due to their name and other song titles like "Back Burner." So clearly with a new album a change up in imagery was needed, as the band dropped their newest video for "Frost," off their upcoming album Phantom Anthem.

The video shows the band covered in, well...frost! They perform in a room absolutely covered in snow as they play their icy instruments, snowflakes beating down on top of them. As they keep playing, the snow eventually melts, and the heat is on, showing the band drenched in sweat. The group keeps jamming along, the heat beginning to dissipate. But then, the video proves they're in some kind of weirdo micro climate, as a gust of wind begins, pelting each of the members with random pieces of trash. The wind gives way to rain, washing the band and purifying them to finish off the video.

The lead up to Phantom Anthem has been a fun one, with the band showing sides of themselves people might not be aware of. Last week when "Frost" initially released as a single, it was clearly a change up from their prior work, forgoing a unilateral shower of heaviness for something more melodic. Back in July, the group unleashed a video for “Invisible Enemy,” which pitted their riffs against a cast of stop motion, puppet dopplegangers.

Phantom Anthem will hit shelves and webstores on Oct. 6 through Fearless Records and pre-orders are already available now through the band’s website. Fans can explore a variety of options including an array of bundle packages and three different vinyl selections, as well.

Watch 'The Frost' above!

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