So what do you do as a band to stay afloat during a pandemic? August Burns Red just served up a hilarious new video in which they contemplate the possibilities before eventually deciding to re-record their Leveler album for its 10th anniversary and announcing a special livestream show to coincide with it.

The social media post hilariously shows the guys taking part in a socially-distanced online session in which they toss out ideas like a August Burns Red OnlyFans account, but "just only stuff from the waist up," creating a corn maze and selling a soul as an NFT before ultimately settling on the Leveler idea.

"Let the Leveler 10 Year Anniversary begin! We've been hard at work on the ultimate celebration for our 2011 album Leveler. On May 22 we'll be doing a Leveler full album livestream alongside our most epic stage production yet. But wait, there's more," they tease.

Then adding, "Earlier this year we re-recorded Leveler from the ground up. We've got new guitar solos, guest performances, and a mix that will melt your face RIGHT OFF. This record is being self-released and will be available on limited edition vinyl, CD, and streaming everywhere on May 21."

For this new edition of Leveler, the group worked with the production and mixing team of Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, while also welcoming guest turns from Trivium's Matt Heafy, Periphery's Misha Mansoor and Fit for a King's Ryan Kirby. The new album will be limited to 1,000 copies.

Meanwhile, the Leveler livestream will take place on May 22. Get tickets and pre-orders through

In all seriousness, August Burns Red have remained active during the pandemic. Their newly released Guardians Sessions EP just arrived filled with a few extras of interest and guitarist JB Brubaker revealed that there has been some writing during the downtime.

The musician spoke with Full Metal Jackie about how the pandemic has affected his writing of late, explaining, "I've been writing music and it's definitely darker darker sounding stuff. I think that just goes along with sort of a state of mind that I've been in, especially over the winter."

He added, "I mean, this is a dark winter for everyone, and I'm really excited for spring to start cause it's just been such a depressing couple of months and I don't know ... we'll see what happens when we bring all the music together that we have for whatever we do next as a band, but I have a feeling there's going to be some pretty brilliant stuff from the next August Burns Red record."

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