The latest mashup from YouTube user Isosine is a brilliant collision of worlds between Avenged Sevenfold and Katy Perry. The track combines Katy Perry’s chart-topping hit “California Gurls,” with A7X’s “Bat Country,” into a seamless and inventive mashup titled "Bat Country Gurls." Watch the video in the player above.

The mashup uses the music from “California Gurls” and M. Shadows’ vocals from “Bat Country.” The two different tracks link up perfectly and Shadows’ gritty lyrics adds quite the dichotomy to the mash up. Isosine uses the official videos for each song and Perry’s bright and colorful images starkly contrast the dark scenes from the Hunter S. Thompson-inspired “Bat Country.”

Even Snoop Dogg makes several appearances in the video, which seem a bit out of place since his rap is not featured in the mashup. In lieu of Snoop’s stylings, we get to hear Synyster Gates’ soaring guitar solo from “Bat Country” on top of the verse of “California Gurls.”

Isosine has released a series of pop and metal mashups including Justin Bieber and Slipknot, Taylor Swift and Nine Inch Nails. Check out more here.

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