Kicking off the Main/Freedom Stage here at Rocklahoma 2021 was Ayron Jones. He's out on the road in support of his new album "Child of the State" in stores and online. Ask for it by name you won't be disappointed! We got to hear Mercy, Take Me Away and Supercharged live from the Freedom Stage. He's got a really unique blend of several different genres from rock, blues, R&B, grunge and a little Motor-city funk.


It was the absolute perfect way to start the mega three day, three stage live music festival. If this is anywhere near what we can expect from the rest of the weekend it's gonna be BEYOND EPIC! Ayron Jones and his band are awesome live and their performance set the bar for all who follow. He and his band left very little of the Freedom Stage standing when they walked off stage. It was a great performance.

Check out the gallery below of Ayron Jones live on the Freedom Stage here at Rocklahoma 2021. If you were here you know first hand just how badass it was. I don't know what sounded better, his guitar playing or singing. The fact that he can nail both perfectly and simultaneously is something to see. Scroll through the gallery below for a small sampling of Ayron Jones doing it live. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Ayron Jones live at Rocklahoma 2021


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