Babymetal have emerged as one of the more engaging live acts going over the last few years and fans will get to experience that a little bit more when they release their new Live at Tokyo Dome CD/Blu-Ray offering next month.

The footage was recorded and shot last September over two nights (Sept. 19 & 20) during what would be their tour finale. Each night even had a theme with Sept. 19 being the Red Night, while Sept. 20 was the Black Night. The end result is a new package that spans two Blu-Rays and four CDs. Look for Live at Tokyo Dome arriving April 12 and watch a trailer for collection above.

Over the two-night span, the band performed in front of 110,000 people. The performance includes such favorites as "Road to Resistance," "Gimme Chocolate" and "Karate" amongst others. See the full track listing below.

Babymetal continue to thrive worldwide, bringing their show to a wide array of audiences. The band will open more shows for Red Hot Chili Peppers in the U.S. this April and they've also signed on for select shows on Korn and Stone Sour's summer tour. This year has also seen them open shows for Metallica and Guns N' Roses, so the music world is definitely standing up and taking notice. Keep up with Babymetal's touring at this location.

Babymetal, Live at Tokyo Dome Track Listing:

Red Night (September 19, 2016) [Blu-ray Disc 1 / CD Disc 1 & 2]

1. Road of Resistance
2. Yava!
3. Line!
4. Syncopation
5. Amore
6. GJ!
7. Akumu No Rondo
8. Song 4
9. Catch Me if You Can
10. Gimme Chocolate
11. Karate
12. Tales of the Destinies
13. The One (English version)

Black Night (September 20, 2016) [Blu-ray Disc 2 / CD Disc 3 & 4]

1. Babymetal Death
2. Awadama Fever
3. Uki Uki Midnight
4. Meta! Taro
5. Sis. Anger
6. Akatsuki
7. Onedari Daisakusen
8. No Rain, No Rainbow
9. Doki Doki Morning
10. Meigitsune
11. Head Bangya
12. Ijime, Dame, Zettai

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