UPDATE: Bad Omens have released a statement on the situation, claiming that there is more to the story. They have also launched a new $25 t-shirt. Read it in full below.

ORIGINAL POST: Up-and-coming metalcore band Bad Omens have allegedly dropped off Senses Fail and The Amity Affliction's co-headlining tour because they were "unhappy" about the size of their logo on the trek's poster.

Senses Fail tweeted the following message:

We have to let you know that Bad Omens have pulled out of this tour. They were unhappy about the size of their name on the artwork and felt the need to pull out the day after we announced the tour.

Both the Amity Affkiction [sic] and Senses Fail are working hard to find a replacement and we look forward to sharing that with you as soon as possible.

This has caused a significant wave of discussion in that sector of heavy music, with various artists weighing in. First came bands in the replies of Senses Fail's tweet asking if they could fill the slot.

Secondly, Bad Omens are currently signed to Sumerian Records, and owner Ash Avildsen commented on the situation, saying, "Older bands bullying younger bands, both privately in deal points and publicly on the Internet. Cool story guys. Take notes from the movie business - bullying people in the industry will no longer be tolerated — no matter who your manager or agent is, or how 'powerful' you are."

Thirdly, co-headlining act the Amity Affliction have re-tweeted a meme about Bad Omens.

Below you can see the post in its original form.

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