Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle has commented on the ongoing lawsuit between Tommy Vext and Better Noise Music head Allen Kovac. Coyle addressed the stressful nature of the lawsuit, along with “a big portion of the fanbase” being essentially “radicalized against the band under false pretenses.”

Vext is suing Kovac, who was also the singer’s manager, for over $10 million. The breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty suit alleges that a conspiracy was hatched to oust Vext from Bad Wolves. Vext also claims Kovac made racist remarks in his presence.

"I am disappointed to see these accusations from Tommy against me, [my management firm] 10th Street Management and Better Noise Music," Kovac said on Monday. "They are categorically false. In 40 years in the music business, I have never made any derogatory racist comments, been accused of doing so, or been sued by an artist. Tommy Vext, a self-proclaimed QAnon supporter, has dragged us into a ridiculous, unfounded narrative that falsely paints him as a victim."

He continued, "Tommy quit Bad Wolves in January 2021 after being abusive to his band members, and he has since waged an all-out assault against the band and its members on social media. Behind the scenes, he and his team of lawyers have been trying to extort the band and the record company for a big payout."

Coyle addressed the situation on a new episode of his Ex-Man podcast. “He [Tommy Vext] filed a lawsuit,” Coyle begins. “Keep in mind, I’m not involved in any of this shit. All right? I’m not in the band business. I’m not on the record label, so I’m not involved in lawsuits, no one’s suing me. I mean, not yet [laughs]. But like I don’t own anything with the band. And so I hear about this shit all secondhand.”

He continues, “We haven’t been that that open with stuff because we’ve been advised not to say anything. But I think that’s going to start changing. And I think it’s important because our fanbase, or a big portion of the fanbase, has essentially been radicalized against the band under false pretenses.”

Coyle is referring to Tommy Vext’s social media presence, namely on Instagram. Vext claims he was ousted from Bad Wolves due to his social and political views, including his public support of former president Donald Trump. Bad Wolves have denied this claim.

Bad Wolves parted ways with Vext shortly after an ex-girlfriend, Whitney Johns, accused the singer of physical abuse. Johns was granted a restraining order against Vext, who denies all accusations made against him.

“I don’t want to deal with this shit,” Coyle adds. “I don’t want to be in a war, a war of words, a feud, shit is wack. I play music because it’s fun. That shit is not fun, but that’s the point. The point is to wear you down, it is to make it a war of attrition that is so belaboring that you’ll give up. And I look at these situations as a test of one’s will.” [via PRP]

Listen to Doc Coyle’s full statement on the lawsuit below.

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