You may want to think twice before ordering that bourbon.

Bartenders from all over the country have spoken and they've confirmed what you've probably long suspected: "We tend to try to stereotype people based on what they order."

So, yeah, when you order a dry martini in a dive bar, you can be sure you're not making a strong impression. The dangers of ordering an out-of-place drink is just one of the many pieces of knowledge these modern-day Sam Malones drop. As they remind us, you won't come off looking like a knowledgeable drinker by asking for a Manhattan in a Mexican cantina or a Bud Lite in a craft beer bar.

Despite that, one bartender simply suggests, "Drink what you like and own it."

Those are words to remember, unless, of course, you're that annoying guy who gets water with two lemons all night and then never leaves a tip. Don't be that guy.

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