Blacktop Mojo debuted at No. 1 last week on the Loudwire Battle Royale Video Countdown and they're not ready to give up the top spot just yet. While Halestorm's "Dear Daughter" held the lead for a period earlier in the week, Blacktop Mojo's "Where the Wind Blows" rallied to reclaim the top spot by the Friday deadline with Halestorm not far behind.

Elsewhere on the Battle Royale, Kaleido had the top debut of the week with "Die Tryin'" arriving at No. 5, while 3Teeth's "Away From Me" finished No. 8 and Light the Fire's "The Void" claimed the No. 9 spot in their debut weeks. See all of the Battle Royale Video Countdown Top 10 rock and metal clips below.

So what will next week's Top 10 look like? New videos from In This Moment ("Oh Lord"), Lacuna Coil ("You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You"), Body Count ("The Ski Mask Way"), Rancid ("Telegraph Avenue"), Royal Blood ("Hook, Line and Sinker"), DragonForce ('Ashes of the Dawn"), Dying Fetus ("Panic Amongst the Herd") and Doyle ("Run for Your Life") will get a shot to make their mark. See those clips, along with all of the eligible videos, by clicking on the links in the poll at the bottom of this post. You can vote for your favorite clips once per hour through the deadline of Friday, May 26 at 11AM ET. So vote now, vote often and return next Friday to see where your favorite clip placed.

  • 10

    "Kiss of Death"

    Mutoid Man
  • 9

    "The Void"

    Light the Fire
  • 8

    "Away From Me"

  • 7

    "The Mirror"

  • 6

    "Equal Rights Equal Lefts"

  • 5

    "Die Tryin'"

  • 4


    Edge of Paradise
  • 3

    "You Don't Know"

    Kobra and the Lotus
  • 2

    "Dear Daughter"

  • 1

    "Where the Wind Blows"

    Blacktop Mojo

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