Forget feuds, because this Loud List is all about musicians showing each other respect. Even when coming from different genres, often thought of as opposites or adversaries, artists still come together to pay respect to forebearers and offer encouragement to the newest generation.

When Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong met Billie Eilish for a video with Rolling Stone, it was about more than first names. Eilish grew up a massive Green Day fan, while Armstrong recently became a follower of the young superstar, praising a concert of hers he attended. With their in-depth discussion, the two Billies spoke about fame and creation, with the Green Day frontman passing down advice to a potential future icon.

Ozzy Osbourne is the most iconic metal musician in history, but he felt tiny when meeting Paul McCartney for the first time. In the green room for The Howard Stern Show, the Black Sabbath singer geeked out over the Beatles legend, giving McCartney the credit for inspiring him to play music. Of course, McCartney was gracious as can be, offering to take a photo with Ozzy to the metal blueprinter’s delight.

A musician doesn’t have to be a world famous legend to make an impact. One of Dave Grohl’s biggest influences is Squirrel Bait’s Peter Searcy, who joined the Foo Fighters frontman onstage while Grohl gushed about his hero. REM frontman Michael Stipe also performed with a personal hero, Miracle Legion’s Mark Mulcahy, dropping to his knees in amazement of Mulcahy’s voice while the two performed together.

Check out these 10 Beautiful Moments of Respect Between Musicians in the Loud List below.

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