Last year, Best Buy made a bunch of their customers angry when they were unable to fill the orders taken on Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to a lack of inventory. The company then failed to make its customers aware of this until just days before Christmas. Needless to say, Best Buy’s customer-service practices have not been held in very high regard ever since.

However, representatives from Best Buy say they are more prepared to handle orders this year. "What happened last year will not happen again," according to a statement issued by Best Buy management, blaming last year’s holiday-shopping disaster on "unprecedented traffic rates and some system limitations."

Best Buy says that new policies are being strictly implemented this holiday season, including back-order limits and quicker order-status notifications. And if by something does go wrong, again, and Best Buy cannot fill Black Friday orders, the company says customers will be made aware of the situation by December 7.

For more detailed comments about Best Buy’s new holiday policies, click here.

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