Tool have one of the most dedicated fanbases in rock history, so we have a challenge for their fans — which of their albums is the best? That's what we want to know during this week's Loudwire Nights Album of the Week poll.

You'll have until Friday at 12N ET to cast your votes. We’ll then play the three tracks from the album with the most votes during Loudwire Nights' Album of the Week block to start the following Monday's show!

Tool rose to prominence during the '90s when grunge and then nu-metal were the more popular forms of heavy music, but they didn't fit into either category. There's always been something really unique about Tool, and it's been evident since their very first release Opiatean EP that came out in 1992. Unfortunately for those who love that set of songs, Opiate won't be counted in the poll — their 1993 full-length debut Undertow is the first option instead.

Undertow is the band's only record to feature original bassist Paul D'Amour. Featuring tracks such as "Sober" and "Prison Sex," the album peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard 200 — and it's the only one that hasn't reached the first two positions on the chart. Its follow-up Ænima landed at No. 2, and each one they've put out since has reached No. 1.

After Tool dropped 10,000 Days in May of 2006, it took the band another 13 years to release an album, which became a popular meme of its own throughout the 2010s as fans anxiously awaited new material from the rockers. There hasn't been word of a new album since Fear Inoculum came out in 2019, but fans at this point know that perfection can't be rushed.

Head below to vote for your Tool album, then tune into Loudwire Nights next Monday at 7PM ET to find out which record prevailed. During tonight's show, you'll get to find out which Weezer album was voted the best, and hear three songs from the winner.

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