Ready for a good old-fashioned Oklahoma conspiracy?

If you're out of the loop, Northeast OKC has experienced seven earthquakes in the last 24 hours, all centered in just a few blocks of each other.

From US Geological Service:

No shocker, it's making the rounds through the news media as the main talking point on the day... probably to distract people from complaining the great 2024 Snowpocalypse isn't turning out like they all predicted.

While the earthquake swarm will make for some really great memes and ample discussion, these are just Oklahoma's latest earthquakes. In fact, the Sooner State has had forty or fifty-ish in the last month.

The red circles are the earthquakes that have happened in the last 24 hours. The orange-ish color is in the last seven days. Yellow is the last thirty days.

As you can see, earthquakes are not that strange in Oklahoma. At least, not this century.

Fricking fracking.

When Oklahoma's earthquakes increased somewhat 900% a little over a decade ago, extensive research determined it was a pretty direct result of what everyone refers to as fracking.

The 80-year-old taboo oil industry practice increased dramatically across the plains in the mid-2000s, and Oklahoma's earthquake swarm started right around 2009... but it wasn't the fracking that science attributes, rather it's the wastewater disposal practice that was determined to be the smoking gun.


Long story short, Oklahoma put new regulations in place to limit wastewater injection wells and the earthquakes have lessened. Obviously, the quakes haven't stopped, and the science suggests the fracking-induced they will linger on for decades.

These quakes were caused by more than fracking?

First, take a moment and craft yourself a thinking cap...


It may have been a bomb...

Residents closest to Friday night's earthquakes are calling foul, that it all started with an explosion.

@sunshineashrose #fyp #oklahoma #earthquake #viral ♬ original sound - sunshineashrose

I know, I know... You're probably thinking "That's just one example of shenanigans being called..." but it's not.

@yourmommeg Can someone let me know wtf bc wtf😭😭😭😭 #wtf #earthquake #oklahoma ♬ Pink Friday Girls - Nicki Minaj

@brindy_richardson Oklahoma Earthquake 2024 #oklahoma #koco ♬ original sound - Brindy Richardson

It's wild in the Sooner State this weekend.

Are shenanigans afoot?

I'll be honest with you, I've only been through one memorable earthquake, and you could definitely hear it coming down the block before our house started shaking.

We were watching the OSU aftergame since the Cowboys were on track to make the National Championship in 2013. It was a 5.6 on the scale, and we watched this happen just moments before it shook our house 50 miles away.

While the rumbling was loud and confusing, it certainly wasn't anything like the explosion you hear on last night's videos across social media.

Could it have been an explosion that set off OKC's January 2024 earthquake swarm?

Meh... Sure, it could... but you can't trust anything you see on the internet any more than if it came out of the mouths of news anchors or politicians.

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