You think you know AC/DC? The latest in Ultimate Classic Rock's video series takes a closer look at some of the more obscure stories within the band's legendary career and one of the topics that comes up is Bon Scott and his role in the band both before and after his death.

The video reveals that Scott was once on the verge of being sacked due to his substance issues. Though Scott remained with the band, the vocalist was viewed to be "disposable."

Scott died before the band reached their greatest heights with the 'Back in Black' album. The video debates Scott's contributions to the multi-million selling disc, even though the official line was that the band wrote all the material with new singer Brian Johnson. Check out some of the conspiracy theories about 'Back in Black' in the clip above.

The video above also addresses the history of the group's song 'Jailbreak,' the man behind AC/DC's iconic logo, their surprise link to the 'Blues Brothers' movie and the supposed beef that a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd had with the band.

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